United Airlines Baggage Policy

Worried ’bout the airline baggage policies for your flight comin’ up? Unwind with United Airlines! Get the lowdown on their baggage rules, including’ fees and size limits – that way your trip’s gonna go smooth. Whether you’re taking a short trip or a long one, United has you sorted!

United Airlines Baggage Fees

United Airlines has 3 tiers of baggage fees. It’s based on the number of bags you’re checking or bringing on board:

  • First Checked Bag: The fee is $30 per bag, exceptions may apply to MileagePlus Premier members and active miltary personnel.
  • Second Checked Bag: The fee is $40 per bag. Exceptions may apply to certain MileagePlus Premier members and active military personnel.
  • Carry-on Bags: Carry-on bags must fit in United’s overhead bins or under customers’ seats. For flights within the U.S., its territories and Canada, one carry-on item plus one personal item is allowed without extra charges. For international flights, customers from/to South America or Caribbean locations and from/to Europe or Middle East destinations on Economy tickets pay $60 for their first standard-sized carry-on item. Check with your flight attendant to know which items qualify as carry-ons and personal items before boarding. United also offers Priority Boarding options at select airports for an extra fee if customers need more space.

United Airlines Baggage Weight

United Airlines has a weight policy for checked luggage. It applies to tickets bought on or after June 1, 2019. One free bag is allowed for domestic flights, and two for international flights. For domestic basic economy fares, one personal item with a size limit of 18 x 14 x 8 inches is allowed without extra charge.

Two pieces of luggage are allowed per customer with a max weight of 50 pounds each. Fees may apply if limits are exceeded. Customers must make sure their luggage conforms to United’s allowances, as listed on their website. Identification tags from United must be clearly marked on the baggage.

United Airlines Baggage Tracker

United Airlines has a great service to help you keep tabs on your checked and carry-on baggage.

The United Airlines Baggage Tracker lets customers find their luggage at airports. They can also view its location while in transit. Plus, check to see if their checked-in baggage is on their flight before take off.

To get this free service, log on to the United website with your MileagePlus number and last name. You’ll be able to see real-time bag tracking information for flights in the US and international locations United Airlines serves. The Baggage Tracker also shows any flight delays due to transportation or weather.

The Baggage Tracker makes it much easier to get your bags from Baggage Claim. You can see which carousel number has your checked-in bag on the web page. To make sure you have the right info, double check the arrival times and carousels in the Airport arrivals hall before getting your bags.

United Airlines Baggage Rules

United Airlines has no limit on the amount of checked bags for Economy, Business and First Class customers. But, if more bags than the set allowance is taken, certain fees might be imposed. These fees can depend on the booked route and fare class. For more information about the checked bag allowance for each fare type and route, consult United Airlines’ policy page.

The size and weight regulations for a single item must not exceed 62 linear inches/158 centimeters (length + width + height) and 50 pounds/23 kilograms, as defined in United Airlines’ carry-on policy. Certain restrictions may be imposed depending on the destination, so double check with your airline or travel agent.

To bring a pet in cabin or check an animal as baggage, the customers should get acquainted with United Airlines’ pet policies and fees ahead of time. They must also accept United’s PetSafe Agreement, which details all rules related to travelling with pets as baggage.

United Airlines Baggage Allowance

United Airlines provide different baggage allowances, depending on your destination, ticket type, and MileagePlus status. Unless otherwise specified, you get:

  • One personal item for free.
  • One carry-on bag for free.
  • Your first checked bag is free; extra checked bags may incur a fee. This depends on the route and your MileagePlus status.

For more info, visit United’s website. Or talk to a customer service representative before you fly – rules can change.

United Airlines Carry-on Baggage

United Airlines lets each passenger board with one full-sized bag. This must respect the airline’s size limits, which are 22” x 14” x 9”. Every passenger can bring a personal item such as a laptop bag, purse or briefcase that fits under their seat.

They can also bring snacks and items bought after security. Beverages over 3.4 ounces must go in checked luggage. But those smaller than 3.4 ounces, plus baby formula, are okay as carry-on items.

No flare guns, oxygen tanks, self-defence weapons, chemical sprays, compressed gases, lye or bleach can fly with United Airlines. If you have any dangerous goods, declare them to a customer service rep before boarding.

United Airlines Baggage International

United Airlines’ international flights allow passengers to check in two bags, each weighing up to 50 lbs (23 kg). It depends on the destination country’s weight regulations. You may bring one carry-on bag and one personal item. These should fit under the seat in front of you.

The carry-on items must be smaller than 62 linear inches (157 cm) in total dimension and weigh no more than 45 lbs (20 kg). The personal item must not exceed 35 linear inches (89 cm) and fit between your knees and the seat in front of you. All items must adhere to United Airlines’ carry-on and size restrictions for safety.

If you require extra checked baggage or exceed applicable weight limits, you must buy excess baggage fees before flying with United Airlines International.

United Airlines Baggage Claim

Lost, stolen, or damaged checked baggage while in United Airlines’ custody? You may file a claim with their Customer Care. Claims are usually processed within 15 business days, but can take longer. You can file a claim in two ways – at the airport or online with united.com.

At the Airport: If you misplaced your baggage during your travels, go to the ticket counter and fill out a missing luggage form (available from agents). Give it to a ticketing agent and it will be sent to Baggage Claims for processing.

Online: You can submit an online Baggage Claim via united.com. Click Customer Service & Support then Baggage > Report Missing or Damaged Luggage > Log in to File Claim Online. Answer questions related to your incident, then attach required documents. United Customer Care will process the claim and contact you with results in 15 business days of submission.

United Airlines Overweight Baggage Fee

United Airlines has rules on the size and weight of checked and carry-on baggage. If it’s too big or too heavy, an overweight fee may be charged.

  • Each checked bag must weigh no more than 50 pounds (23 kg) and have total dimensions of no more than 62 inches (158 cm). If it’s over 70 pounds (32 kg), an overweight fee is charged for the higher weight break.
  • Carry-on bags must be no bigger than 45 linear inches (115 cm) in total dimensions. If you exceed this, you’ll have to check the bag and pay a fee.

Frequent fliers with United MileagePlus may be eligible for an overweight fee waiver. This includes members at the Premier 1K®, Premier Platinum®, Premier Gold®, Silver® and Star Alliance™ Gold levels. Check your airline for details.