United Airlines Careers

United Airlines are a bigwig in the aviation industry, connecting people from all around the globe. They’re one of the largest airlines on the planet and offer a plethora of career paths and job options for those passionate about their work.

Here we’ll be looking at an overview of United Airlines and the opportunities available for employment:

Company history

United Airlines, formerly Varney Air Lines, Inc., is a top global airline. It’s based in Chicago, Illinois and has 800+ planes. William Boeing founded it in 1926. Its first airmail contract from the US Postal Service let it fly from Pasco, WA to Elko, NV. That made it first scheduled airmail carrier in the US.

In its early days, 5 planes flew 2,700 miles and served 13 states. United leased planes to military forces and pilots for transport services during WWII. After the war ended in 1945, it flew Trans-Pacific routes over Asia to Hawaii and China. Plus, Eastern Atlantic routes with stops in Iceland, Paris and Madrid.

In 1956, United merged with Capital Airlines. That added many US destinations like NYC and DC. That made it the world’s biggest commercial airline by revenue passenger-miles flown.

In 1966, it bought Pacific Air Lines and West Coast Airlines. Then, it was North America’s biggest domestic airline network. Departures came from Chicago O’Hare Int’l Airport (ORD), Denver Int’l Airport (DEN), George Bush Intercontinental (IAH) in Houston and LAX. In 1988, it acquired People Express. That made it even bigger. It turned former regional carrier Asiana into an int’l carrier. It added LHR hub service to major cities in India and SE Asia- Bangkok, Singapore City, New Delhi.

By 2020, COVID-19 caused big problems. United needed gov’t help and had to alter union contracts. It relied on discounted fares and vacation packages to attract lower budget customers.

Mission and values

United Airlines is proud to be an industry leader. We provide global access and offer customers the highest standards of air travel. Our core values are Safety, Caring, Integrity and Accountability. We believe in connecting people around the world with respect and empathy.

Safety is our priority. We take responsibility for passengers, employees, operators and communities seriously. We value every life on board and respect every passenger. Our safety culture and protocols are strictly followed.

We strive for excellence in caring for our customers and employees. We aim to provide a pleasant and positive experience throughout their journey. Our goal is efficient service with heartfelt hospitality.

Integrity is a fundamental value. We adhere strictly to ethical standards in customer service. Reliability is a key factor for all decisions made by management.

Accountability is valued. Everyone understands their responsibilities when it comes to upholding customer trust. Best practices and quick responses to disruptions are integral parts of customer engagement.

Job Opportunities

United Airlines are determined to hire the most skillful people to join them. They have various roles across a range of departments. If you’re a pilot, baggage handler, gate agent, or customer service agent, they have the job for you.

Let’s explore these job opportunities:

Types of roles available

United Airlines offers career opportunities across all its flying, cargo, and corporate business units. We recognize flight crew and operations staff as our front-line who provide direct customer service. We offer a variety of roles in supporting staff such as logistics specialists, reservations agents, mechanics and engineers.

  • Flight crew operate the aircrafts to transport passengers and cargo. This role includes scheduling flights, responding to customers’ needs and piloting from A to B safely.
  • Logistics specialists coordinate resources needed by all departments while ensuring compliance with time-sensitive regulations and aiming for best-in-class performance.
  • Reservations agents review bookings and ticketing purchases and respond with updated flight information for customers.
  • Engineering & Maintenance personnel maintain aircraft fueling systems and other technical responsibilities according to FAA regulations. They conduct routine checks and repairs when needed per inspection reports.
  • Ground crews handle various responsibilities at airports worldwide. This includes baggage handling, loading supplies into cabins, communicating freight updates and fueling up between flights.

Requirements for each role

The qualifications for each role at United Airlines can be different. So, it’s important to know what you need for the job you want. Generally, applicants need a driver’s license and a high school diploma or GED.

Your skills and experience will help decide at United Airlines which roles you’re best for and which ones you can get. Remember to keep your certifications and training up to date. Plus, have a resume detailing all your qualifications and jobs.

Requirements can change depending on the role. These may include:

  • Previous work in similar roles
  • Good people skills
  • Professional attitude and problem-solving
  • Knowledge of computers and tech
  • Able to share info with others
  • Flexible to work days/nights/weekends
  • Able to lift up to fifty pounds.

Benefits and Perks

United Airlines offers a lot of benefits and perks! Health insurance, retirement savings, travel bonuses, and tuition help are just some. When you’re looking at a job at United, consider all the advantages. Here’s a look at what they offer their employees:

  • Health Insurance
  • Retirement Savings
  • Travel Bonuses
  • Tuition Help

Health and wellness benefits

Are you dedicated to your health and wellness? Join United Airlines! We know how important it is to take care of our employees. Our benefits package includes:

  • 4 types of medical insurance to choose from
  • An employer-subsidized Health Savings Account (HSA) with payment options
  • Dental plans with preventive and major services like orthodontics
  • Vision plan with exams, frames, contacts lenses etc.
  • Life insurance for you and any dependents, including accidental death & dismemberment
  • Flexible Spending Accounts for healthcare and dependent care expenses
  • Wellness programs like weight management and yoga classes
  • Perks program with discounts on general merchandise like gym memberships.

We understand the effort it takes to stay in this business. That’s why we provide these health and wellness benefits to give you an edge. Together, let’s keep a positive atmosphere from our homebase to yours!

Retirement plans

United Airlines is here to help you plan for your future. We offer several retirement plans so that you can have a comfortable lifestyle. All employees can join the United 401(k) Savings Plan. This can be done either through payroll deductions or a one-time catch-up contribution.

We also have the United Pension Plan (UPP). This traditional pension plan has benefits based on years of service and seniority.

The Age Protected Benefit (APB) is an age-based pension plan. It gives those who start contributing from age 40 or above the chance to protect their benefits from age discrimination when they retire.

For more financial security, we have the UPlan. This deferred compensation plan allows participants to save up to 100% of pre-tax income into four different types of accounts:

  • Retirement Savings Account (RSA)
  • Pension Income Account (PIA)
  • NonQualified Retirement Account (NQRA)

Each account has its own advantages and disadvantages. To learn more, contact our Human Resources department or financial advisors.

We also give group discounts on financial products like mortgages and banking services through our preferred providers.

Employee discounts

United Airlines appreciates and rewards its employees with many perks and benefits. One of which is a discount structure that allows staff to get reduced prices on travel, companion tickets, car hire, hotels, and cruises. Several companies partner with United Airlines to provide discounts to staff.

Employee discounts with United Airlines let them:

  • Save cash on leisure trips and holidays
  • Take advantage of discounted car hire at certain locations
  • Receive lower hotel rates at selected properties
  • Get discounted companion fares when applicable
  • Score special deals on cruises worldwide
  • Take up to 70% off published ticket prices through Last Minute Deals
  • Gain from other United Airlines products such as credit cards, holiday packages, flight protection plans and more!

These perks guarantee that our employees are getting the utmost value for their efforts with United Airlines.

Application Process

Want to work for United Airlines? It’s easy! All you gotta do is submit an online application, interview, and pass a pre-employment assessment. Plus, you’ll need to pass background checks.

Here’s a quick overview of the application process for United Airlines:

  • Submit an online application.
  • Interview.
  • Pass a pre-employment assessment.
  • Pass background checks.

How to apply for a job

Applying for a job at United Airlines is easy! Begin by exploring their online job postings to pick the one for you. Create a profile and upload your resume. Answer questions about yourself such as employment history, contact info, and skills.

Your application then goes through an automated screening process. This takes minutes and matches your qualifications to the job. If you meet the requirements, a recruiter will contact you to arrange an interview. If not, they’ll keep your application in their database.

Recruiters and hiring managers review interview outcomes. All applicants receive an email with their result. Depending on the profession, aptitude tests and technical assessments may be done before selecting new hires.

Interview tips

The interview process is essential for those who want to work at United Airlines. Knowing potential questions and how to give effective answers is key. Researching United Airlines, thinking about the job, and showing enthusiasm for the company are all crucial. Here are a few tips to stand out from the competition:

  • Prepare well: Research the company, review questions, and practice answers.
  • Get to know the job: Think about what the position requires.
  • Show professionalism: Adapt your CV and letter to emphasize relevant skills.
  • Stay confident: Don’t be too nervous or desperate.
  • Bring extra copies of your resume: Include portfolio materials or references that will show why you’re perfect for the role.

What to expect after applying

Submit your application to United Airlines and you’ll get an automated email to confirm it’s been received. This email will also provide instructions on how to follow up on the status of your application.

Expect a response from our Human Resources department in 2-4 weeks. It could be longer depending on the volume of applications for the role. During this time they’ll review applications and contact those who demonstrate exemplary qualifications.

If you’re suitable, you may get a call or email inviting you to a telephone screening. They’ll ask questions about your experience and skills. Those successful will be invited to an interview.

The interview process starts with a written assessment. This is followed by an in-person interview with a member of our Human Resources team. They may ask behavioural questions. Other departments may join in interviewing too.

Successful applicants can negotiate salary requirements with United Airlines. All necessary steps must be finalized between our Department Heads and Hiring Managers. Then HR will send an offer letter via email detailing salary terms and other information.


A job with United Airlines? Amazing! See the world, learn new skills and feel valued at the same time. Considering applying? Here’s the scoop. Everything you need to know about United Airlines careers – all the frequently asked questions answered!

How long does it take to hear back?

When you apply for a job at United Airlines, the time it takes to hear back varies. Our team is committed to reviewing each candidate quickly and giving updates. A Recruiter will contact you within 7-10 days after you submit your application. They may call you for a phone interview or ask for more info. The Recruiting team will discuss further steps with you, like if you need to do a phone or in-person interview. Some roles have multiple stages, like video interviews and coding challenges which might add time to the review.

If you have questions, reach out to our hiring teams.

What is the onboarding process?

United Airlines has an onboarding process to make your transition smooth. When you start, you will fill out all relevant forms and paperwork. After that, you’re invited to a New Employee Orientation. This usually lasts one or two days and explains the airline’s safety policies and other topics.

You also get job-specific training on the tasks and duties of your position. The length varies from 1-2 weeks, depending on the complexity. Once you complete both onboarding activities, you can start your role at United Airlines!

What is the Dress Code?

At United Airlines, we’ve got a dress code for staff. We take pride in our appearance, so all team members must look professional while they’re on duty. Here are the guidelines:

  • Everyone must wear the clothes the company provides.
  • Clothes must be neat and clean.
  • Male flight attendants must be clean shaven, unless it follows the uniform standards.
  • Hair should be pulled back and away from the face for men. Sideburns should be trimmed and no shorter than mid earlobe length.
  • Women can wear moderate makeup, manicures (with color), and moderate fragrances. Jewelry should be modest and nothing bigger than small earrings allowed. Visible piercings and tattoos are not allowed.
  • Hairstyles for women should be off the face/ears. Long hair can be down but mustn’t go below waist length if tied back or partially tied back for flights over 5 hours.